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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


Planning Applications and Decisions
At its September meeting the Parish Council considered and made no objection to the following planning applications:

  • 172842/AM: Hollybush Cottage: Non-material amendment to permission 162976 glazing/ oakframing arrangement to gable end of extension.

  • 172947: River View: Remove Leyland hedge approximately 15-20 trees.

  • 173019/XA2: The Walled Garden: Approval of details reserved by condition.

  • The Parish Council was concerned about differences between the drainage proposals for the following application and an earlier application (151651) for the same site:

  • 172982 - Land adjacent to Stoneleigh: Variation of condition 2 151651 (Proposed erection of 3 detached residential dwellings with garages) - Plot 2 house & garage revised.

  • The Parish Council considered and made no objection to the following planning application, but suggested that conditions be attached concerning the lighting of the site:

  • 173116: The Crozen, Felton: Redevelopment of existing poultry site namely; demolition of three existing poultry buildings and erection of two replacement larger poultry buildings, feed bins and associated development.

  • Details of all planning applications and the Parish Council’s responses to them can be found on the Herefordshire Council website at https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search .

    Litter Pick Dates for your Diary
    The dates of the next three Litter Picks have been set and are:

  • 4th November 2017

  • 24th March 2018

  • 3rd November 2018

  • The usual arrangements will apply; i.e. start and finish at Bodenham Parish Hall at 10.30 am. All equipment will be provided by Balfour Beatty. Free hot soup and rolls for all those who come and help. For more details contact the Parish Clerk, Chris Smith, on 01568-797132 or at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com

    Improving the Playground
    The Parish Council’s sub-committee - set up to consider how the money from the developers of England’s Field earmarked for improvements to the playground is to be spent - has met two playground installers to discuss how the playground might be improved and awaits their proposals. When the proposals have been received, the Parish Council will probably hold a public consultation about them. Watch this space.

    Improving Transport Infrastructure in Bodenham
    The Parish Council has also received money from the same source for improvements to transport infrastructure, and, as above, has set up a sub-committee to consider how the money is to be spent, and, as above, too, parishioners will be consulted before any decisions are made. Watch this space as well.

    Annual Audit
    The annual audit of the Parish Council’s accounts has concluded. Electors and their representatives have the right to inspect and make copies of the audit documents and the external auditor’s report and certificate of completion. Contact the Parish Clerk, if you wish to do so.

    Parish Meetings
    The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd October and at the Siward James Centre. Everyone is most welcome to attend and raise any matters of concern during the slot reserved for this purpose. If you prefer, you can raise matters in advance by contacting Chris Smith, Parish Clerk, on 01568-797132 or by email at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com.

    The Parish Website……
    …….. Is continually updated. Find the latest news on the Bodenham Neighbourhood Plan there. The Home Page now shows a list of future events in chronological order, as well as the latest notices, addresses to go to, Parish Council minutes, and much more. Find out there about Bodenham past, present and future, local news and crime prevention alerts. www.bodenhamparish.org.uk is the website address. You can also find the Bodenham Newsletter there.


    Cllr Alec Avery ~~~~~~~ shalec50@gmail.com~~~~~~~~~~~ 01568-797744
    Cllr Tony Clark~~~~~~~~kay@rosewood166.plus.com ~~~~~~~01568-797943
    Cllr Sharon Collin~~~~~~sharon@saffronscross.co.uk~~~~~~~~01568 797366
    Cllr Jim Crane~~~~~~~~jimcrane1@googlemail.com~~~~~~~~01568-797095
    Cllr Dennis Jackson~~~~~dennisjackson647@btinternet.com~~~~01568-797404
    Cllr Pam James-Moore~~~pamelajamesmoore@btinternet.com~~~01568-797330
    Cllr Richard Layton~~~~~dewdales@btconnect.com~~~~~~~~~01568-797251
    Cllr Tony Mitcheson~~~~~BabsMitcheson@aol.com~~~~~~~~~~01568-797170
    Cllr David Tilford~~~~~~~davidtilford@greenbee.net~~~~~~~~~01568-797658
    Cllr Kathy Tremain~~~~~~ktremain3@gmail.com~~~~~~~~~~~01568-797751

    (Cllr James-Moore is the Chairman: Cllr Mitcheson is the Vice-Chairman).

    Chris Smith (Parish Clerk)~~~~~~bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com~~~~01568-797132

    Cllr Bruce Baker is the Herefordshire Councillor for the Hampton Court Ward (Bruce.Baker@herefordshire.gov.uk).

    Date: 22/09/2017

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