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Marden Guides and Senior Section Notice


1st Marden Guides & Senior Section had a very interesting evening with Hereford Vision Links. Julie and Andy told us what it is like to have a visual impairment, and how they manage with everyday life. Andy told us about his guide dog Eaton, how he was trained, and how he helps him to be independent. We tried out glasses that showed us what it was like to be visually impaired, and couldn’t imagine how someone could manage to do anything!

They answered a lot of questions such as ‘How do you know if your clothes match’ (Andy has Braille labels which tell him the colours) and ’how do you pick up the dog poo if you can’t see’ (plastic gloves!) Julie also told us that most visually impaired people would be very grateful if we offered to help them to cross the road, even if they have a guide dog, as it is sometimes very difficult if the road is busy, or it is very noisy. She showed us the best way to guide someone.

Eaton spent most of the evening asleep under the table, until it was time for a cuddle at the end! It was a very interesting evening, and we all learnt a lot. Thank you to Julie, Andy & Eaton, and to Stan Gyford for organising it. We will be doing a sponsored Blindfold Challenge, to raise money for HVL.

New members are always welcome in Brownies, Guides and Senior Section. Why not come
along to a meeting to find out more about us?

For Brownies (Age 7-10 years)
contact Trish on 01432-880859.

For Guides (Age 10 – 14 years) and Senior Section (Age 14-18 years ) contact Alison on 01432-880094 or email mardenguides@outlook.com .

We would love to open a Rainbow unit for 5 -7 year olds in Marden or Sutton, but we need some new volunteers to be able to do it. If you would be interested to help, please contact Alison. You would be given plenty of support and training to become a leader, and have a lot of fun!

Alison Thomas – Guide Leader

Date: 04/11/2017
Contact Name: See above
Contact Tel: See above

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