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Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Notice


As explained in our last update, at its Meeting on 4 September the Parish Council approved the draft Plan and Consultation Statement for submission to Herefordshire Council for consultation under Regulation 16. This approval was, however, conditional because the documents first had to go through a pre-submission process to allow Herefordshire Council to update some other important supporting documents - the Habitat Regulations Assessment, the Strategic Environmental Assessment, and the Policies Maps which show the proposed settlement boundaries and all the specially designated areas in the Parish, such as the Conservation Area, the River Lugg Special Area of Conservation and our Sites of Special Scientific Interest, etc.

This pre-submission phase also allowed us to ensure that the housing supply figures in our draft Plan Ė the number of houses which have been granted planning permission in the Neighbourhood Area since the plan period started in 2011 Ė agreed with the data in Herefordshire Councilís own 2017 Five Year Housing Supply Statement.

This work resulted in some amendments to the Plan, most notably to paragraphs 3.1 Ė 3.6 and Policy BNDP 1 in the main text and to the tables in Annex F, but was completed in the second week of October. The Parish Council then agreed all the changes and the draft Plan and its supporting documents were formally submitted to Herefordshire Council on 10 November for Regulation 16 Consultation. You can find them all yourself in the Regulation 16 section of the Planís Evidence Base at http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/evidencebase.asp , which you can also reach by clicking on the link below. (It is perhaps worth noting that the housing figures are already out of date because planning consent has just been given for another five houses on the land adjacent to Englandís Gate Inn and this now takes our housing numbers above the minimum requirement set by Herefordshire Councilís Core Strategy).

We are now waiting for Herefordshire Council to approve the draft Plan for its Regulation 16 Consultation and to tell us when that will be. This will be an important milestone in the preparation of the Plan because, even though there is still a long way to go before a Referendum is held to decide its fate, from the Regulation 16 stage onwards the draft Plan is deemed to carry some weight in planning terms. In other words some notice will now begin to be taken of what the Plan says when future planning applications are being considered.

Tony Mitcheson
For Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Date: 18/11/2017
Link: Click here for more details

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