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Bodenham Open Spaces Project Notice


Sponsored by Herefordshire Council Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme and supported by Bodenham Parish Council and Bodenham Residents.

This is the final update on the Bodenham Open Spaces Scheme which was completed on Saturday, 28 October when the final planting of Spring Bulbs in the new Perpetual Garden at Bodenham’s War Memorial took place.

For those who have not yet heard of it, Bodenham applied for, and was given, a Grant by Herefordshire Council Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme for two schemes within the Bodenham Open Spaces Project. The first scheme was to design and create a new perpetual garden around Bodenham’s War Memorial and the second part of the scheme was to enhance the area around the stone sculpture on the Village Green known as “The Huddle of Bullocks”.

On Saturday, 11 February the Project Leader of the Bodenham Open Spaces Project, Cllr Jim Crane, held an open meeting at the Siward James Centre to explain the Grant which Bodenham had received and how the Project Team proposed to implement it. Bodenham Parish Council gave the Project Team their full support.

The planting designs for the new War Memorial Perpetual Garden and the flower meadow around the “Huddle of Bullocks”, were designed by Mrs Tricia Jackson of Willowherb Cottage, Bodenham Moor, and were agreed by Herefordshire Council Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme and Bodenham Parish Council.

The new Perpetual Garden around the War Memorial was completed in three stages. The first in March, when a group of volunteers headed by Mrs Jackson, the designer, and Cllr Jim Crane, the Project Leader, planted the design’s structural plants. This was followed in June with further planting by volunteers and finally in October, when all the bulbs to flower in the Spring were planted to complete the design.

Work on the clearing the site around the “Huddle of Bullocks” on the Village Green and sowing the flower meadow seeds started in June 2017. Planting of flower meadow seeds has continued throughout the summer to give a continuous development of colour in the flower meadow for as long as possible in the latter part of the year. An Information Display Board giving the history of the sculpture “The Huddle of Bullocks” and the involvement of the Bodenham Open Spaces Project Team will shortly be erected nearby. Such has been the success of this part of the project that the Project Team have had requests for seeds from the flower meadow around the “Huddle of Bullocks” so that similar schemes can be achieved in private gardens.

In July, Bodenham held an Open Village and Gardens Weekend to showcase all that the Village had to offer. The event was a huge success and both the new War Memorial Garden and the Flower Meadow around the “Huddle of Bullocks” Sculpture, were great attractions to many of the residents who had lived in the Village for some time, and to the many new residents, as well as the large number of visitors the weekend attracted, and the interest in these sites has continued.

The Bodenham Open Spaces Project Team would like to thank Herefordshire Council Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme, Bodenham Parish Council for their support and funding, Wojciech Gasier of Bodenham Bespoke Furniture for making the Information Display Board, Steve Rivers at Rivers Media for working with the Team to produce the Information Sheet for the Display Board, Mrs Tricia Jackson for her inspirational garden designs and all the many helpers and supporters of the Project for their hard work and effort to enhance these two iconic sites in the Village.

Babs Mitcheson
Project Co-ordinator,

Date: 03/12/2017

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