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Balfour Beatty Living Places Notice


Following the recent bad weather Balfour Beatty Living Places have circulated the following letter about the gritting of roads in the County:

“Following the recent extreme weather it has come to our attention that there are several rumours circulating regarding gritting routes, responsibilities/ liabilities and use of grit from grit bins.

Herefordshire Council has identified priority and secondary routes across the county covering almost 600 miles of our roads. These can be found at https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200196/roads/232/winter_gritting_routes/2.

We monitor the weather forecast constantly and where road temperatures are forecast to be below freezing we grit to ensure maximum efficacy and prevent ice forming on the roads wherever possible, having to prioritise key routes before we are able to service secondary routes. Obviously we have to take into account the likelihood of rain and snow in assessing the frequency of gritting and the level of grit applied. In addition to this, we also use snow contractors around the County, usually local farmers with access to tractors with ploughs attached to clear the more rural roads during heavy snowfall.

Given the extreme nature of the weather, we have had to use all available resource to concentrate on the A roads and other priority routes. We understand the frustrations that we are unable to grit all roads. but we work to ensure the safety of the general public and so we have to prioritise where our resources will be most effective.

With regards to salt provided in grit bins, this can be spread by anyone who is able and does not have to be a Balfour Beatty employee. However, the grit provided in the grit bins is for use only on public roads and footways and not for use on private driveways. Spreading this grit does not mean that the person undertaking the spreading is liable if anyone then has an accident, neither does clearing the path outside your property.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,


Carys Bate
Locality Liaison Co-ordinator

Balfour Beatty | Services | Living Places
T: 01432 261800”

Date: 14/12/2017

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