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West Mercia Police Notice


Please be advised of the scam below whereby a resident within the Golden Valley has been scammed out of £8000. Please tell your friends, family and neighbours to beware.

The 90 year old lady lives alone in the Golden valley area.

At about 11am on Thursday 22nd February she was called out of the blue on her landline by “DC SMITH” from Hammersmith Police Station giving shoulder number EK265.

He stated he had people in custody, that he was doing checks into fraudulent activity at local banks. The lady asked how she could check he was genuine and he said to call him back on 161 which she did (but without clearing the line first).

She then spoke to another male who confirmed DC SMITH was genuine and transferred the call back to him. He asked the lady to keep the line open, checked she had no mobile and no one was due to visit.

He established she had accounts with LLOYDS and HALIFAX. He told her to withdraw cash from both because staff were corrupt so police needed the banknotes to be able to check for fingerprints. The lady agreed to get £5500 out of LLOYDS and £2500 out of HALIFAX .

As briefed by DC SMITH she told the bank the money was for her daughter and that the police had not asked her to get it. She returned home around 4pm.

DC SMITH was still on the open phone line and he asked her to read the bank note numbers for 10 notes from HALIFAX, and another 10 notes from LLOYDS. An hour later DC SMITH was back on the phone stating 2 notes from HALIFAX and 6 notes from LLOYDS were fake so he would send a plain clothes officer to collect the money. He said the password was “Disruptive” and the officer would know this, so the lady could be sure she was handing the package to the right person.

At about 7.30pm the lady answered her front door and there was an Asian male there. The lady asked if he was there for the package and he confirmed this, and then gave her the password so she gave him the package containing £8000. Throughout this the lady was still on the phone to DC SMITH (this line having been open since 1100 hrs).

DC SMITH stated he would call back before 1200 hrs on 23.2.18 to update her. Instead the lady told a neighbour who happened to attend the bungalow and she told the lady's daughter, and police were called.

On a separate subject we have seen two quad bike thefts in the last couple of weeks in and around our patch alone. The quad bikes were stolen from within locked barns/outbuildings. Please mark your quad bikes with a property marker such as Smartwater or with a UV pen. Remove the keys and if you can, secure the wheels with a wheel clamp/or chains. If you require crime prevention advice, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Kind regards

Pcso Steph Annette 6440
Bromyard Police Station
New Road
101 ext 61220

Date: 25/02/2018
Contact Name: See above
Contact Tel: See above
Email: See above

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