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Herefordshire Council Notice


One of the main duties of a District Councillor, is to deal with questions and complaints from parish councils and local residents regarding the various services and facilities provided by Herefordshire Council.

These questions can be many and varied but are generally straightforward (road repairs and planning being the top two) but occasionally something comes up that Iíve not dealt with before and will need a full investigation in order to ensure an accurate answer.

However, and by way of a change, I thought it may prove useful if I were to ask you a few questions. Please feel free to keep your replies anonymous, but your answers could prove helpful in deciding how I approach my future duties within the Ward. Iíll pass the results of the questionnaire on to your parish councils in due course.

Q1. Are you satisfied with the condition of our road network?
Q2. How, in your opinion, did the council (Balfour Beatty) perform during the recent heavy snow falls?
Q3. Do you use any of the councilís libraries or leisure facilities? Please list all that apply.
Q4. The latest increase in council tax is proving financially difficult for some residents. Do you think the charges are too high?
Q5. Are there any council services/facilities you think should be withdrawn in order to save money?
Q6. Are there any services/facilities you think should be included to make your life more enjoyable?
Q7. Parish councils are now taking responsibility for a number of tasks traditionally carried out by the county council. Do you agree with this policy?
Q8. Considering Q7, are there any additional responsibilities your parish council should take on, or even give up?
Q9. Do you have any suggestions that would make your life safer and/or more enjoyable?
Q10. Have you ever considered standing as a Parish or District Councillor? Please let me know if I can help with any information.

Please feel free to send any replies via email or send a text to my mobile number. bruce.baker@herefordshire.gov.uk 07748-387331

Many thanks

Cllr Bruce Baker
Hampton Ward

Date: 06/04/2018
Contact Name: Cllr Bruce Baker
Email: Bruce.Baker@herefordshire.gov.uk

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