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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


Planning Applications
The following planning application came before the Parish Council at its July Meeting:

  • - 191790: River View: A proposal for a new bathroom with the construction of a first floor, flat roof dormer with window to the rear of the property. The Parish Council made no objection to this application.

  • The following planning applications came before the Parish Council at its August Meeting:

  • - 192272: Mendip; C1125 From A417 to The Vauld Via Bodenham Village. Proposed erection of three bed roomed dwelling to the rear of existing property. The Parish Council strongly objected to this application.
  • - 192421: Land at Riverside, Dinmore. Proposed use of land for siting of one holiday/fishing lodge (to meet the definition of caravan at S.13(2) of the Caravan Sites Act 1968). The Parish Council considered that, i) providing the outstanding matters raised by Internal Consultees could be satisfactorily resolved and ii) any consent is suitably conditioned to ensure that occupation of the lodge is for tourism and could not be used for a residential purpose, it would not object to the application.
  • - 192520/PA7: Eastfields Farm: Application for prior notification of a new agricultural building, Herefordshire Council subsequently decided that this application did not need prior approval.

  • Dog Fouling…….. Another Reminder and Warning
    Reminders about the law requiring dog owners to clear up their dog’s faeces have appeared in the Newsletter and on this Website from time to time, but some owners are still not complying. Some owners are picking it up, putting it in a plastic bag, hanging it from a fence or tree or putting on the side, obviously expecting someone else to do the job of disposing of it. This is discourteous, offensive, potentially hazardous to the health of humans and animals and is illegal. Please pick it up and dispose of it properly. If it is bagged, it can be put in any bin. Landowners may gather video evidence of offences, which will be passed to enforcement officers. Offenders face a fixed penalty of £100 or a fine of up to £1000.

    The Parish Council has put up notices supplied by Herefordshire Council at various places in Bodenham. And has acquired three more notices, which will be put up shortly.

    After receiving representations, the Parish Council requests that residents trim hedges overhanging pavements. The Parish Council has made a request to Herefordshire Council to cut hedges on both the C1121 and the A417. On the latter road vehicles have lost wing mirrors near Isle of Rhea as a result of hitting overhanging hedges at speed.

    Is anyone prepared to……..
    …….organise/join a small group to keep the Playground tidy?
    …….organise/join a small group to keep the weeds in the gutters at bay ?

    Parish Council Facebook Page.
    The Parish Council now has a Facebook page to complement the Website. Click ‘bodenham parish council’ and press ‘LIKE’. The Website address is www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/.

    The Next Litter Pick………….
    ………. Will take place on Saturday 2nd November. Details next month.

    The Vacancy on the Parish Council ………
    ………… was filled at the Parish Council Meeting on 1st July by the appointment of Sue Maxwell, whose details appear in the list of Councillors below.

    Keep up to Date with Local Issues - Sign Up for the Mailing List
    The Parish Council sends important updates to local residents by email with information about such things as roadworks, weather warnings and local events. There are currently fewer residents signed up than we would like and far fewer proportionately than on Stoke Prior’s list. If you would like to join the list, email Chris Smith at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com. You won’t be deluged with email, your personal details will not be passed on to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Minutes of Parish Council Meetings…….
    ……..can be found on the Parish Council website at http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ParishCouncilMinutes.asp. Latest highlights from the July and August Minutes include:

  • the introduction of a Community Speedwatch Scheme continues to be delayed awaiting completion of an investigation by Herefordshire Council into the accuracy of the location of 30mph signs;
  • plans are underway for a visitor information noticeboard near to the new garden around the war memorial;
  • litter pick dates for 2020 are 21st March and 7th November;
  • the Parish Council has received a report on the health of the trees on the village green, as a result of which it has asked Herefordshire Council to fell the two small chestnut trees near to the Playground. One is badly diseased: the other is showing clear signs of disease. Other remedial work will be undertaken to remove elders and ivy around some of the larger conifers.

  • Parish Council Meetings
    Please note that the next Meetings of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on Mondays 2nd September and 7th October at the Siward James Centre. Everyone is most welcome to attend Parish Council meetings and to raise any matters of concern during the slot reserved for this purpose. If you prefer, you can raise matters in advance by contacting Chris Smith, Parish Clerk, on 01568-797132 or by email at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com.

    The Parish Website……
    …….. Is continually updated. The Home page shows a list of future events in chronological order, as well as the latest notices, Parish Council Minutes, and much more. Find out there about Bodenham past, present and future, local news and crime prevention alerts. http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ is the website address. You can also find the Bodenham Newsletter there.


    Cllr Alec Averyshalec50@gmail.com01568-797744
    Cllr Sharon Collinsharon@saffronscross.co.uk01568-797366
    Cllr Jim Cranejimcrane1@gmail.com01568-797095
    Cllr Pam James-Moorepamelajamesmoore@btinternet.com 01568-797330
    Cllr Richard Laytondewdales@btconnect.com01568-797251
    Cllr Sue MaxwellSMaxwellSAM@aol.com 01568-707946
    Cllr Tracy Morristracymorris9@btinternet.com 01568-797892
    Cllr Claire Pickardclairespickard@gmail.com07717-171272
    Cllr David Tilforddavidjtilford@gmail.com 01568-797658
    Cllr Kathy Tremainktremain3@gmail.com 01568-797751
    Chris Smith (Parish Clerk)bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com 01568-797132

    Cllr John Harrington – John.Harrington@herefordshire.gov.uk - is the Herefordshire Councillor for the Hampton Ward.

    Date: 19/08/2019

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