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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


Everyone who uses the C1125 through Bodenham Moor will be aware that there is a particularly hazardous section where the road narrows between the Post Office and Baches. Worryingly, with increased traffic using the road, a number of ‘near misses’ have been reported in the last few months.

This is partly because the lack of a pavement places pedestrians at risk, partly because there is poor visibility for drivers in both directions along this stretch, partly because this is made worse by customers parking outside and opposite the Post Office and Hair Affair, and partly because too many drivers using the road are, quite simply, driving too fast.

Over the past few years the Parish Council has tried to improve matters by pursuing various measures, such as the installation of a chicane to slow traffic and/ or a pavement to protect pedestrians However, visibility is too poor to allow the former and the road is too narrow to permit the latter. Additional road markings and ‘road narrows’ signs have also been proposed to Herefordshire Council without success. Nevertheless, an important contribution has been made by Baches to tackle the problem of inconsiderate parking; they have offered free and unrestricted parking in their car park and
all Post Office and Hair Affair customers are asked to use this facility and NOT to park on either side of the roadway unless absolutely unavoidable.

As already suggested, however, the basic problem here – as elsewhere in the Parish - is speeding and to tackle this the Parish Council has for the past nine years regularly deployed its speed indicator device (SID) opposite ‘Wynmoor’ (about 130 metres North of the Post Office). This monitors traffic either heading South from the Village Green into the road narrows, or leaving the narrows and going North towards the Green. The SID is designed simply to ‘educate’ passing drivers by showing them their speed and, when that is above the 30mph speed limit, encouraging them to slow down.

The data recorded by the SID has always been reported to the Parish Council, but has never before been published more widely. It does, however, illustrate the extent of the speeding problem at the Post Office, as elsewhere in Bodenham, and the data from the two most recent deployments opposite ‘Wynmoor’ can serve as examples:

a. 12 –21 July 2019 – Vehicles Travelling South from the Village Green towards the Post Office

  Exceeded the speed limit45.5%
  Exceeded 35mph16.4%
  50% were travelling at or above30 mph
  25% were travelling at or above33 mph
  15% were travelling at or above36 mph

b. 5 – 15 September 2019– Vehicles Travelling North towards the Village Green after passing the Post Office

  Exceeded the speed limit49.4%
  Exceeded 35mph18.2%
  50% were travelling at or above30 mph
  25% were travelling at or above34 mph
  15% were travelling at or above36 mph

These are absolutely typical figures for this SID location. For nearly 50% of drivers to be exceeding the speed limit is unacceptable in any circumstances, and especially so on such a dangerous stretch of road. Furthermore, although many may be using the C1125 to get between the A417, Sutton and beyond, it is obvious that an even higher proportion are likely to be local residents and that the problem cannot simply be blamed on ‘through traffic’.
Whenever you drive on the C1125 within Bodenham Moor – or indeed anywhere on the Parish’s 30mph limited roads - please observe the speed restriction at all times and don’t wait for the SID to tell you to slow down.

Date: 29/09/2019

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