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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


The Next Litter Pick………….
………. will take place on Saturday, 2nd November. The usual arrangements will apply; i.e. 10.30 start at Bodenham Parish Hall; equipment provided by Balfour Beatty and the Parish Council; free hot soup and rolls in the Parish Hall for all who have collected litter. For more details contact the Parish Clerk, Chris Smith, on 01568 797132 or at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com. In 2020 litter picks will be held on Saturdays ,21st March and 7th November.

Planning Applications
The following planning applications came before the Parish Council at its October Meeting, namely:

  • - 192594: Church Cottage, Church Walk: Proposed single storey rear extension and pitched roof to existing garage. This was an amended application. The Parish Council reiterated its objected to the application.
  • - 193255: Bodenham Primary School: Proposal to fell one cupressus leylandii. The Parish Council made no objection to this application, which was made by the Parish Council. (A planning application is necessary for tree works in a conservation area).

  • Bodenham’s Speed Indicator Device (the SID)…..
    ……has been seen around Bodenham in four locations for the last nine years. It was deployed in overt mode opposite Wynmoor on the C1125 facing South (i.e. towards the Post Office) over the period 5 - 15 September 2019. The data below is based on 6,968 vehicles over 10 days.

    In this location drivers are emerging from the narrow section of road outside the Post Office and tending to accelerate. 22.2% did so, while 21.6% maintained a steady speed, and 56.2% slowed to some degree.

    Of the 1,266 (18.2%) drivers who entered the SID ‘zone’ already travelling at over 35mph, i.e. well above the speed limit, 159 (12.6%) were accelerating further when they left it, while 879 (69.4%) slowed to some extent and the remainder did not change speed.

    49.4% of drivers exceeded the speed limit on approaching the SID (the highest speed was 62mph). 38.6% exceed the speed limit on exiting the SID zone (the highest speed was 64mph). So, the SID appears to have reduced the speed of 10.8% of drivers. The figures for drivers exceeding 35mph were 18.2% and 13.0% respectively, so only 5.2% of these drivers reduced their speed.

    Please send comments to the Parish Clerk on these figures and on the general value of the SID, which is ageing and may need to be replaced soon (which will be expensive).

    A more extensive report on the SID appears as a notice entitled ‘Road Safety in Bodenham Moor’ under ‘Latest Notices’ on the Home Page of this Website and also in the November edition of the Newsletter.

    Reporting Potholes and Other Defects
    Every year a tour of Bodenham is carried out by a few Councillors and the Balfour Beatty Locality Steward to identify any defects such as blocked drains, invisible or damaged road signs, worn road markings and surfaces. The outcome of the recent Parish Tour is reported in the October Parish Council Minutes (once they have been confirmed – see http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ParishCouncilMinutes.asp). Most of the identified problems are quickly resolved by Balfour Beatty. However, defects - especially potholes and blocked drains - occur frequently in between parish tours and can be reported by anyone. The Herefordshire Council website has a reporting tool at https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/report-it which is very easy to use. https://www.fixmystreet.com is a national site and is even easier to use: it uses the Ordnance Survey map, which is more accurate. It will forward a report to Herefordshire Council about any problem reported within a Herefordshire postcode.

    The Previous Two Editions of Parish Council News asked…….
    ….. Is anyone prepared to……..
    …….organise/join an small group to keep the playground tidy?
    …….organise/join an small group to keep the weeds in the gutters at bay ?

    One kind person from Siward James Close volunteered to sweep the leaves in the Playground from time to time, but no one else has volunteered and no one has come forward about the weeds in the gutters.

    Parish Council Facebook Page.
    The Parish Council now has a Facebook page to complement the Website. Click ‘bodenham parish council’ and press ‘LIKE’. The Parish Website address is www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/.

    Keep up to Date with Local Issues - Sign Up for the Mailing List
    An increasing number of residents are joining the mailing list, through which the Parish Council sends important updates to local residents by email with information about such things as roadworks, weather warnings and local events. Nevertheless, there are currently fewer residents signed up than we would like and still fewer proportionately than on Stoke Prior’s list (which Bodenham residents can join, if they wish).If you would like to join the list, email Chris Smith at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com. You won’t be deluged with email, your personal details will not be passed on to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Minutes of Parish Council Meetings…….
    ……………can be found on the Parish Council Website at http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ParishCouncilMinutes.asp.. Latest highlights from the unconfirmed minutes of the October Meeting include:

  • a feasibility study has been received from Balfour Beatty/ Herefordshire Council for putting in a pavement to fill the gap between the pavement along the England’s Field development and Ash Grove Road. This will be discussed at the next Parish Council Meeting on 2nd November.
  • no date has been set for the rebuilding and reopening of the bridge between the churchyard and the metal bridge across the River Lugg. A date of Summer 2020 has been unofficially suggested. (It has been reported that some people are ignoring the barriers. They would be wise to look at the photographs of the crumbling bridge).
  • the Parish Council has set the Precept for 2020-21 at £15,000, which is the same as 2019-20. This figure is about average per household for parishes in Herefordshire and is much lower than at least one neighbouring parish.
  • …… and much more, including a report from Herefordshire Councillor John Harrington.

  • Parish Council Meetings
    Please note that the next Meetings of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on Mondays 4th November and 2nd December at the Siward James Centre. Everyone is most welcome to attend Parish Council meetings and to raise any matters of concern during the slot reserved for this purpose. If you prefer, you can raise matters in advance by contacting Chris Smith, Parish Clerk, on 01568 797132 or by email at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com.

    The Parish Website……
    …….. Is continually updated. The Home Page shows a list of future events in chronological order, as well as the latest notices, addresses to go to, Parish Council Minutes, and much more. Find out there about Bodenham past, present and future, local news and crime prevention alerts. http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ is the website address. You can also find the Bodenham Newsletter there.


    Cllr Alec Averyshalec50@gmail.com01568-797744
    Cllr Sharon Collinsharon@saffronscross.co.uk01568-797366
    Cllr Jim Crane (Vice-Chairman)jimcrane1@gmail.com01568-797095
    Cllr Pam James-Moore (Chairman)pamelajamesmoore@btinternet.com 01568-797330
    Cllr Richard Laytondewdales@btconnect.com01568-797251
    Cllr Sue MaxwellSMaxwellSAM@aol.com 01568-707946
    Cllr Tracy Morristracymorris9@btinternet.com 01568-797892
    Cllr Claire Pickardclairespickard@gmail.com07717-171272
    Cllr David Tilforddavidjtilford@gmail.com 01568-797658
    Cllr Kathy Tremainktremain3@gmail.com 01568-797751
    Chris Smith (Parish Clerk)bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com 01568-797132

    Cllr John Harrington – John.Harrington@herefordshire.gov.uk - is the Herefordshire Councillor for the Hampton Ward.

    Date: 19/10/2019

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