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Bodenham Flood Protection Group Notice


Every Summer the Secretary of the Bodenham Flood Protection Group (BFPG) sends out emails to everybody on the Group’s mailing list, reminding them that Winter is approaching and asking them to check their flood precautions and to confirm how many sandbags they have, whether or not the sandbags are in good repair, whether they need more, and so on. Despite this, over the past weekend (26-27 October) a number of people on the list have found themselves faced with possible flooding and have made last minute emergency requests for sandbags.

Clearly in most cases, despite reminders, they had either not bothered to think ahead and request the sandbags they needed in good time, or they had failed to look after the sandbags they already had so that these were fit for use when the emergency arose. In one case a householder who had repeatedly confirmed that they had the 52 sandbags previously delivered to them, denied that they had any at all.

If you do need sandbags there are plenty available to all local residents, whether you are on the BFPG mailing list or not. (If you are not on the list, but would like to be added to it, please just email the BFPG Secretary at BabsMitcheson@aol.com).

Furthermore, rather like the NHS,
sandbags are free at the point of delivery (although we all have to pay for them through the Parish Precept element of our Council Tax). If you want some, all you have to do is to contact your BFPG Area Representative whose details you can find under 'Committee/ Key Contacts' in the BFPG section in the left hand column of this Website, as well as in every edition of the Bodenham Newsletter. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the BFPG Secretary at BabsMitcheson@aol.com or on 01568-797170.

Also, like the NHS, the point of delivery is not normally your house – we are a small, entirely voluntary organisation, whose members are mostly OAPs, and you will be asked to collect any sandbags yourself from one of our stocks around the Village (although we can deliver them in special cases of disability or infirmity). What we
CANNOT do is supply you with sandbags – even for collection - when flooding is imminent or actually taking place; first, we may not have transport capable of getting through flood water, especially between Bodenham Moor and Bodenham, and, second – and most importantly - we will already be working flat out to protect the vulnerable members of the community most in need of our help.

The lesson is therefore very simple – BE PREPARED.

So far as sandbags are concerned:

  • Work out how many you need well in advance;
  • Request and collect them in good time;
  • Store them properly protected from water and sunlight so that they do not biodegrade;
  • Check them regularly; and
  • Immediately repair or replace any that are no longer fit for purpose. (We can provide you with empty sandbag covers and, in special cases, help with the work itself).

  • The same principles apply to other flood precautions such as flood barriers, warm and waterproof clothing, gloves, wellingtons, torches and their batteries, etc.

    You may never need them, but you just might - and then, if they are not ready, it will be too late.

    Date: 28/10/2019

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