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Bodenham Parish Council Notice


Vacancies on the Parish Council
Two of the three vacancies on the Parish Council were filled at the March 2nd Meeting by Helen Batchelor and Linda Nicholas (details below in the list of Councillors). One vacancy remains. If you are interested in joining the Parish Council, please notify the Clerk by Friday 4th April.

Despite the appalling weather produced by storms Ciara and Dennis, Bodenham Flood Protection Group (BFPG) has done more excellent work to keep properties in Bodenham safe from flooding. Bodenham Parish Council would like to thank all concerned for their efforts. A detailed report on the effects of the storms and the efforts to prevent flooding can be found in Annex C of the Minutes of the March Parish Council Meeting, which will be posted on the website at http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ParishCouncilMinutes.asp as soon as they are available. The BFPG welcomes new members, especially from younger and physically fit residents of Bodenham.

The Litter Pick ………..
…… on Saturday 21st March was cancelled following the Government’s advice about social gatherings and the particular risks faced by the over 70s.

The Next Litter Pick………….
The autumn Litter Pick will be on Saturday 7th November. Given that the last two Litter Picks - in November 2019 and March 2020 - were cancelled because of bad weather and the coronavirus respectively, it will be more than 18 months since Bodenham was litter-picked. There should be a bumper haul of litter on 7th November.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting …….
……. is scheduled to take place on Monday 4th May at the Siward James Centre starting at 7pm. All clubs, organisations and societies in Bodenham are invited to present an annual report of their activities at the Meeting for inclusion in the Minutes of the Meeting, which will appear on the Bodenham Parish website. Please submit your report to the Parish Clerk (Chris Smith, at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com, or on 01568-797132) by the end of April.

The closed concrete bridge between the metal bridge over the Lugg and the Churchyard.
Herefordshire Council have put up new notices this week which extend the closure of the footbridge, but the plan (subject to the usual ‘ifs and buts’ including Covid-19) remains for a replacement to be installed this summer. No specific dates are available at this time.

Planning Applications
Planning applications considered at the March Parish Council Meeting were:

  • P200223: Barns at Bowley: Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house (Class C3) and for associated operational development. Bodenham Parish Council did not object to this application, which was very similar to an application previously refused by Herefordshire Council.

  • P200301: Land South of Broxmere: Use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 1 no. Gypsy Pitch, together with the formation of hard-standing and utility/ day room ancillary to that use. Bodenham Parish Council objected to this application.

  • For both the above applications, the Parish Council pointed out that the proposed developments would add to the level of phosphates entering water courses, which is currently of grave concern in North Herefordshire.

    Three further planning applications were considered. These were:
  • P200564: Non-material amendment: Plot 1 Land East of Bodenham Manor between Bodenham Cottages and The Orchard: Proposed non-material amendment to planning permission 163313-(2 no. 4 bedroom dwellings with attached/ detached garages, including the change of use of agricultural land to residential, and rerouting of a stoned access track). to allow the alterations of the internal floors and external elevations. The Parish Council made no objection to this application, but requested that any windows overlooking neighbouring properties should be opaque.

  • P200663: Plot 1A, Land adj to Pigeon House: Proposed non-material amendment to planning permission ref 151660 (Proposed construction of a new self build dwelling and new access) - Minor design changes including; swap the chimney stack and windows on the east elevation with the west elevation, replacing a roof light on the front elevation with a dormer window and to enlarge the living room window on the front elevation to match the adjacent sitting room window. The Parish Council made no objection to this application.

  • 200699: Hill House, Dunmore: T1: Cypress Leylandii - fell to ground level. T2 & T3: Betula Pendula - fell to ground level (suggested replanting Carpinus Betulus). T4: Cypress Leylandi - fell to ground level. T5: Cupressus macrocarpa - raise canopy by 2-3m and thin crown by 20%. The Parish Council made no objection to this application.

  • Parish Council Facebook Page.
    The Parish Council now has a Facebook page to complement the Website. Click ‘bodenham parish council’ and press ‘LIKE’. The Parish Website address is www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/.

    Minutes of Parish Council Meetings…….
    ……………can be found on the Parish Council Website at http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ParishCouncilMinutes.asp. Latest highlights from the confirmed Minutes of the February Meeting and the unconfirmed Minutes of the March Meeting include:

  • Herefordshire Council are making funding available for lengthsmen to do drainage work. Bodenham Parish Council intend to make use of this funding opportunity and would welcome suggestions as to what drainage work might be done.
  • …. and much more.

  • Keep up to Date with Local Issues - Sign Up for the Mailing List
    An increasing number of residents are joining the mailing list, through which the Parish Council sends important updates to local residents by email with information about such things as roadworks, weather warnings and local events. Nevertheless, there are currently fewer residents signed up than we would like and still fewer proportionately than on Stoke Prior’s list (which Bodenham residents can join, if they wish). If you would like to join the list, email Chris Smith at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com. You won’t be deluged with email, your personal details will not be passed on to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Parish Council Meetings
    Please note that the next Meetings of the Parish Council will take place on Mondays 6th April and 4th May at the Siward James Centre at 7.30pm and 7pm respectively. Everyone is most welcome to attend Parish Council meetings and to raise any matters of concern during the slot reserved for this purpose. If you prefer, you can raise matters in advance by contacting Chris Smith, Parish Clerk, on 01568-797132 or by email at bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com.

    The Parish Website……
    …….. Is continually updated. The Home Page shows a list of future events in chronological order, as well as the latest notices, addresses to go to, Parish Council Minutes, and much more. Find out there about Bodenham past, present and future, local news and crime prevention alerts. http://www.bodenhamparish.org.uk/ is the website address. You can also find the Bodenham Newsletter there.


    Cllr Helen Batchelor helenjbatchelor1@live.com07821-411236
    Cllr Sharon Collinsharon@saffronscross.co.uk01568-797366
    Cllr Jim Crane (Vice-Chairman)jimcrane1@gmail.com01568-797095
    Cllr Pam James-Moore (Chairman)pamelajamesmoore@btinternet.com 01568-797330
    Cllr Richard Laytondewdales@btconnect.com01568-797251
    Cllr Sue MaxwellSMaxwellSAM@aol.com 01568-797946
    Cllr Tracy Morristracymorris9@btinternet.com 01568-797892
    Cllr Linda Nicholaslin.nicholas@aol.com 01568-797052
    Cllr Kathy Tremainktremain3@gmail.com 01568-797751
    1 vacancy
    Chris Smith (Parish Clerk)bodenhampcclerk@gmail.com 01568-797132

    Cllr John Harrington – John.Harrington@herefordshire.gov.uk - is the Herefordshire Councillor for the Hampton Ward.

    Date: 18/03/2020

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