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Herefordshire Council Notice


Beth Lewis and Amanda Eastman, who have been forming the Talk Community team for Hampton Ward, have provided another update:

Hope you’re all keeping well and have been enjoying some of the lovely weather we have had recently. Here’s a few more updates for you:

Amanda’s last day as a link worker

Sadly today (Friday 15th May) will be Amanda’s last day as a link worker as she is now needed back full time in her normal role as a Virtual School Education Officer. Huge thanks go to Amanda who has been a link worker for the Hampton Ward since this all started back in March; her help has been very much appreciated.

Amanda would like to thank everyone in the Hampton Ward for all of their hard work; she says she has “really valued the volunteers’ absolutely amazing response and tireless efforts to keep others in their communities safe and well.”

Beth Lewis will remain the link worker and point of contact for the Hampton Ward.

Latest Government Guidelines

If any of you are in any doubt about the latest Government guidelines on preventing the spread of Coronavirus, I personally have found this webpage quite useful as it goes through what you can and can’t do and how this differs from previous rules:

Talk Community Covid-19 Response – changes to phone line service

The Talk Community Covid-19 response has received over 3000 telephone calls since the commencement of the service 7 weeks ago. We have deployed over 40 council staff to support the telephony service and vulnerable people of Herefordshire and at its peak were receiving 180 calls a day. The infrastructure has enabled over 1500 requests for support for our most vulnerable residents with the main areas of support continuing to be for supplies and medication collection.

The number of calls has significantly reduced to an average of 50 per day over the past few weeks, which indicates that the needs of the vulnerable are being met either in the community, through the Talk Community response or within their own networks. Over the past few weeks we have been planning for the next phase of the Talk Community Covid response and considering the future and sustainable model during this next stage. The telephony service has been available 7 days a week 8am-8pm during the weekdays and 10am-4pm on the weekend, however the numbers of call have significantly reduced over the weekend and out of hours (after 5pm,) therefore to provide a permanent offer for the vulnerable residents of Herefordshire we will be looking to reduce the hours over the next week.

The weekend of the 16th/17th will be the last weekend that the telephony support will be open and from the week commencing the 25th May, the bank holiday will be open 10am-4pm and from 26th May the telephony service will be available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday with the Blueschool House staff providing the telephony support. This enables a permanent infrastructure at a time when staff are being redeployed to substantive posts and to continue to meet the demand albeit at a reduced number.

Out of hours support through the Adult Social Care service remains available as well as the NHS 111 service, however the nature of the small amount of calls out of hours has not, in the majority of cases, required an urgent response.

Talk Community Covid-19 Response Telephone Number: 01432-260027.

Information on financial issues and information on mental health

We have been asked to re-share the following links to Herefordshire Council’s webpages on financial assistance and information relating to mental health:

  • Financial assistance: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/covid19financialsupport

  • Information on mental health:

  • Leominster Eastern Parishes website

    In light of the Coronavirus pandemic the Leominster Eastern Parishes website has been created by Kimbolton Parish Magazine. The website is designed to be a central point of communication for the eastern parishes including useful information on the Covid-19 response. As some of the parishes covered by the website are within the Hampton ward, we therefore thought it might be of interest to some of you: https://www.easternparishes.org/

    Thanks again for all of your hard work and please do get in touch if you have any questions or need any help,

    All the best,

    Beth & Amanda

    Beth Lewis
    Tel: 07792-880030
    Email: bethany.lewis@herefordshire.gov.uk

    Date: 15/05/2020

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