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St Michael and All Angels Church Bodenham Notice


The weekly update from Revd Paul Roberts:

Sorry for not getting this email to you earlier, mid shelf-building did I realise that I had neglected to send the parish email… but it seemed imprudent to down tools straight away and leave the job half finished. So, the shelves are up, and now I can send this communication!

There is something about this Sunday, Christ the King, that speaks of completeness. It is the end of the church year – another year done and dusted, and Jesus is in his rightful place as Lord and King. Of course this year, more then ever, we’re faced with the reality of so many unfinished things… the remnants of plans for 2020 that went awry. And in actual fact, this is a very relevant theme when we think about Christ’s kingdom… God’s work of reconciliation is far from “done and dusted”: Christ may sit on the throne, but what does it mean to be ruled and judged by him… and to strive for his kingdom which is both now and not yet and the same time.

In our service tomorrow, we hear the gospel message of kingdom and judgment – Christ holding to account those who fed, clothed and cared for the lowliest of humanity and those who did not. Michael Aylmer, our benefice intern, bravely wrestles with this subject in his sermon – and it is well worth listening too.

So on this “stir up Sunday”, when we put one church year to bed and begin another, looking for the light of Jesus to brighten our hearts at Advent, let’s pray that our hearts are stirred to work to build Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

Benefice Online worship
Recorded at St Nicholas, Sutton our Sunday worship will be available from 8am tomorrow morning by following this link:


While Michael isn’t required to receive formal feedback on his preaching, he thinks it would be useful to hear what you thought. Please email me, and we will talk through your feedback.

Bishop Richard’s message
Bishop Richard’s latest message can be found by clicking on this link: Bishop of Hereford’s Weekly Message – Week #36 - YouTube.

Forthcoming worship
Working on the assumption that we will come out of lockdown on 2nd December, our gathered worship will recommence on 6th December.

6th December9.30amHoly CommunionFelton
11.15amHoly CommunionMarden
11.15amHoly CommunionSt Nicholas, Sutton
13th December9.30amHoly CommunionBodenham
11.15amHoly CommunionSt Michael, Sutton
4.00pmService of Hope & LightMarden *
20th December9.30amHoly CommunionAmberley Chapel
11.15amService of Hope & LightPreston Wynne *
3.00pmService of Hope & Light OutsideSt Nicholas, Sutton *
6.00pmService of Hope & LightBodenham
22nd December6.30pmCarol ServiceOn Zoom **

* The Services of Hope and Light are in place of our usual Carol Services. At this stage we do not know what the guidance will be regarding singing in services (indoor and outdoor); these services are designed to be family friendly Christmas services, with candles, and (if we are allowed a carol or two). More details to follow…

** However, for those who like to both sing carols and be warm, this year’s carol service will take place on Zoom. More details to follow. If you have access to internet but have no idea how zoom work, it’s simple: let us know and we can get you on zoom in time for this service, with contributions from across the benefice.

Details of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services to follow next week.

In your prayers
Please do pray for the following people and situations on Sunday and in the coming week ahead.

  • For those ill or housebound at this time: Jean Archer, Vic Burles, Tony Clarke, Fred Downes, Sally Gillham, June Gwynne, Mike Henderson and Janet Lloyd.

  • For the souls of Grace Downes, Douglas Partridge and Val Powell and their families at this time.

  • Prayer Trails
    The All Saints and Remembrance Prayer trails will be taken down this week, but an Advent and Christmas Prayer Trail will be set up for the end of the month.

    Maund Churches Christmas Miscellany, Thursday 17th December.
    Can you entertain us? In this time of virtual gatherings we are putting together an evening of seasonal readings, poetry, quiz questions, songs, music and magic, indeed anything that you can offer, the more creative and visual the better!

    The evening will take the form of a Zoom Meeting with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.
    If anyone would like to take part and has a hidden talent that you would be willing to share, please contact Duncan & Ruth Rogers on 01568 797681 or email at sorton.rogers@btinternet.com by Sunday 6th Dec.

    For those just wanting to relax and enjoy watching the entertainment please also contact us in advance explaining that this is your preference, so that we can send appropriate links and welcome you on the evening.

    Further ‘festive’ information and times to follow...

    Decorated in Glory
    Logaston Press has published this month a new book by Professor Nigel Saul: 'Decorated in Glory: Church Building in Herefordshire in the Fourteenth Century', which is the first in a series of occasional papers for the Mortimer History Society.

    The Mortimer History Society has organised a free online virtual conference to launch 'Decorated in Glory: Church Building in Herefordshire in the Fourteenth Century' by Professor Nigel Saul on 21st November 2020. You are very welcome to join the conference which includes talks by Dr Ian Bass and Tanya Heath to complement one by Professor Saul. There is more information below.

    Although the online conference on 21st November is the official launch of the book, it is already available for sale in local bookshops and from the Logaston website with free UK delivery - see below. The book describes and illustrates the extraordinary flowering of church architecture, art and sculpture in Herefordshire and the central marches in the first half of the fourteenth century under the patronage of families such as the Mortimers. The book features many of the churches (including your own) in and around Hereford and in north Herefordshire.

    click here for more information.

    Advent Course – The Spirit of Advent
    These books remain available from Paul at £7.50ea. In the author’s words, the book aims to provide “food for thought around the theme of waiting during Advent.” I think this year more than most, engaging with Paula Gooder’s lively biblical reflections could be most fruitful. I can drop them round when I am out and about during the week.

    November Prayer and Worship Resources
    The latest resources from the Redemptorists can be found here:-

    “Sunday Reds” Reading sheets: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aknc0d9x6qmqvsb/A4RedNovember_SundayRed.pdf?dl=0.

    Sunday Link Magazine, linking our readings with our everyday lives: https://www.dropbox.com/s/legdjwbhek63leo/SundayLink%20Nov.pdf?dl=0.

    Live the Word, weekly readings and meditations:

    Children’s activity sheets linking to the Sunday readings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsonf0rqo4vkvgr/LOOK%20Nov%2020.pdf?dl=0.

    Friday Morning Prayer

    We will meet on Zoom this Friday at 9.15am; all are welcome. You can join online or by telephone. The details are the same as before (see below). This coming Friday we’ll use the green prayer booklet the Kingdom Season prayers in the green booklet (p10) for the last time! With Psalm 96.

    [As usual, for security reasons the Zoom details are omitted here. If you have not already received them and wish to take part in the Morning Prayer, please contact one of the Churchwardens, Sue Hack on 01568-797129 or Margaret Minchin on 01568-797848.]

    With every blessing


    Date: 21/11/2020

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